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DJ Steaw - Bel Air (12" Vinyl)

Madhouse Records

DJ Steaw - Bel Air (12" Vinyl)


With a wealth of much-played material to his name, DJ Steaw is fast becoming one of the most reliable producers in house music. It's perhaps unsurprising, then, that Kerri Chandler has snapped up a trio of Steaw productions for his long-running Madhouse imprint. As you might expect, all three cuts swing with the bass-heavy bounce of vintage U.S house, with the rolling organ stabs, spine-tingling vocal samples and classic, basement-bothering percussion of A-side "Bel Air" standing out. It's a close-run thing, though; B-side opener "Reach Out" is a sterling combination of driving drums and warm musical elements, while "Deeper" is a woozy and hazy trip into locked-in early morning deep house territory. In other words, it's packed with playable club tracks.

A1. DJ Steaw - Bel Air
B1.  DJ Steaw - Reach Out
B2.  DJ Steaw - Destiny

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