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Kerri Chandler - A Basement, A Red Light & A Feeling - Vol.1 - (12" Vinyl) (Remastered)

Madhouse Records

Kerri Chandler - A Basement, A Red Light & A Feeling - Vol.1 - (12" Vinyl) (Remastered)


Madhouse Records returns with another retrospective reissue this summer, once again digging back through its impressive back catalogue and shining light on some of the highlights over the past twenty five years in action with some fresh remasters from the head honcho Kerri Chandler himself.

Grampa’s ‘I Loved You’ opens with its balearic piano lines, bumpy bass stabs and hooky vocals setting the tone perfectly before Bobcat Trades’ ‘Summer Rain’ edges things over to more organic sounds with snaking natural bass licks, shuffled snares and freeform jazz sax across its five minute duration.

Krista FA’s ‘Why You Wanna’ takes things soulful next, with emotive vocal stylings, hooky sub hits and a classic rhythmic swing the label has become known for. Dreamer G’s ‘I Got That Feeling’ still sounds as fresh as ever with an amalgamation of hooky vocal lines, off-kilter drums and smooth string melodies.

Jiletta Riley’s ‘The Way It Was’ radiantly displays the dusty and raw production style of its time via raw chord samples, cruncy claps and soaring diva vocals before the package is rounded out with the highly revered label classic Matrix ‘Get Out’, Deep House in its truest sense with bright stab sequences, piano chords, robust reverberated drums and heady vocal chops.


A1. Grampa - I Loved You

A2. Bobcat Trades - Summer Rain

A3. Krista FA - Why You Wanna

B1. Dreamer G - I Got That Feelin'

B2. Jiletta Riley - The Way It Was

B3. Matrix - Get Out

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